Randy Mazey has more than earned his retirement

Retirements are a particular kind of bittersweet goodbye, especially when the retirement is well-earned. You’re mostly happy for the retiree, but there’s a part of you that mourns the loss and looks ahead at the coming changes with a little trepidation.

And so it will be as WVU baseball’s Randy Mazey steps down as head coach to start the next chapter of his life.

Mazey has stood at the helm of WVU baseball for 12 years now, building a program that has seen steadily increasing success, both on the field and at the ticket office. Under his leadership, WVU went to the NCAA championships three times, hosted the NCAA tournament in 2019, co-claimed the title of Big 12 champs in 2023 and competed in a super regional for the first time in WVU history this year.

Also during Mazey’s tenure, WVU baseball grew its fanbase: from 200 spectators at Mazey’s first home game over a decade ago to over 4,600 fans packing the stands for the game against Pitt in April. Mazey helped shape the program into one people across the state wanted to watch and rally behind.

It’s that success — along with all the care, compassion and attention he has invested in his players over the years — that makes Mazey’s retirement a well-earned one. No one can begrudge him his rest and time with family after everything he has given to WVU baseball.

And that’s also what makes it hard to say goodbye.

He’s leaving behind big shoes to fill, but assistant coach — and soon-to-be head coach — Steve Sabins seems ready to step up to the plate (pun intended). Sabins has worked with Mazey seven of the last 12 years and is responsible for actively recruiting the talented players that fill WVU’s roster. Who better to carry on Mazey’s legacy?

We wish Mazey a happy retirement and wish Sabins and WVU baseball the best of luck. We look forward to seeing what they accomplish in the coming seasons.