Outdoor furnishings set the mood for relaxing

Rona’s new sets of furnishings offer mix and match designs to personalize your backyard vibe.

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For 2024, it’s all about the perfect low-cost getaway: your own backyard.

It’s also about connecting or reconnecting with nature in order to achieve that, according to one design expert.

“Connecting with nature to reboot is one way to take care of ourselves and therefore it makes so much sense to exploit every inch of one’s outside space to make it the ultimate low-cost getaway,” said Lydia Thammavong, head of design, styles and trends for Rona.

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“This trend (connecting with nature) and its esthetic are now invading our outside space with earth tones, organic textures, colours and patterns inspired by nature, creating a ‘chilling’ vibe and vacation-inspired decor,” added Thammavong.

To achieve this vibe, home improvement retailer Rona has introduced three design styles for 2024 that it forecasts will be what homeowners are looking for as they create their own comfy outdoor cocoons.

Rona’s Boho Dream has an earth-toned palette. Photo by Supplied /Postmedia

Boho Dream, with its modern rustic esthetic, is a comfortable yet stylish conversation set setting, said Thammavong. Its curvy lines, woven texture, plump cushioning, decorative pillows and warm earth tone colour palette invites you to relax and feel like you are in a tropical resort or experiencing the Saharan Desert at sunset.

Coastal Cool brings a cool beachy feel to a backyard. Photo by Supplied /Postmedia

Then there is Coastal Cool, described as modern and cozy, with a goal of delivering a fresh and breezy feel to your outdoor space, spurred by memories of long walks along the coast. The classic nautical blue and white palette is updated with shades of indigo, teal and light ivory, punctuated with dark grey and matte black accents echoing the parade of large ships sailing in the distance.

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Finally, Cottage Comfort could be the finishing touch to any small space, like a porch or balcony. Inspired by the Cottagecore trend, this collection is said to evoke the comforting charm of grandma’s cottage, with its mismatched tableware, crochet cushions and wildflower decor. The eclectic mix of romantic, vintage and modern styles creates a welcoming space immersed in warmth and nostalgia. Enhancing the Cottage Comfort collection are natural fibres and eco-friendly materials, complemented by a harmonious colour palette of green shades and light neutrals accented with teal, coral and washed terracotta.

“Because our collections exude a certain mood, and fill specific needs, people will be attracted to the trend they feel is just right for them, whether it be to revamp and modernize their outdoor space or simply wanting to feel transported elsewhere,” said Thammavong. “Within each collection, we have many pieces that can be mix and matched. However, if someone likes different aspects of all three trends, it is possible to mix them if their outdoor space is large enough.”

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As to how to achieve that perfect outdoor space, Thammavong said Rona has that covered.

“Someone can simply revamp their space with few accessories, but if someone wants the complete look, we make sure to offer items that were carefully selected and matched within a style so people can easily put it all together themselves,” she said.

Further, Thammavong said upgrading your outdoor space can also be done by working on your landscaping, turning it into a haven to relax and entertain, and that, in turn, this will increase the value of your property.

“Outdoor living is now more important than ever because well-being and self-care are a growing preoccupation, a necessity felt by many, and one of the most accessible ways to reboot, relax and unwind is sitting outside enjoying the sun or starry sky,” said Thammavong. “With the help of few items, it can even make you feel like you are elsewhere on vacation.”

Taking into account current high interest rates, inflation and economic instability, Thammavong also said people want to take care of what they have.

“When you are on a tight budget and can’t afford to travel but still want to have a feeling of vacation, why not exploit every inch of your property and design your backyard to create the best place to be, right outside your home?” said Thammavong.

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Getting The Look

Adding the finishing touches to your outdoor decor will contribute to creating the look you want.

For a Boho vibe, make sure to add layers and textures: rugs, cushions, lanterns, etc. and stick with a warm, earthy colour palette.

For a Modern Coastal feel, keep things clean and fresh with black, white and organic textures and materials you can find in rugs, planters and other accessories and of course, you should punctuate the ensemble with shades of blues in items such as decorative pillows.

Plants and landscaping are also important elements of your outdoor space. For example, you can choose plants you can find in exotic locations if you are aiming for that Boho vibe, or you can contrast with flowers in vivid colours for the neutral Coastal Cool and Cottage Comfort looks.

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