No Menthol Sunday wants to help people overcoming tobacco addiction

Sunday is No Menthol Sunday, an annual call to action started a decade ago by The Center For Black Health & Equity. 

This day highlights the challenge of tobacco use and encourages all of us to do our part to overcome it.  

For years, big tobacco companies have targeted Black Americans with their advertising, making smoking seem more acceptable and desirable. And while communities have been fighting menthol cigarettes for years, there is still a continual battle to be waged. This year, 22 West Virginia faith-based congregations are participating as part of the West Virginia African American Tobacco Prevention Network. 

Menthol is a minty flavor found in many cigarettes. Menthol cigarettes reduce some of the irritation that comes with smoking, giving the false impression that they are less harmful. This can make smoking easier to start and harder to quit.  

No Menthol Sunday is also a time for faith leaders to encourage their congregations in the fight against menthol cigarettes.  

 If you or someone you know is struggling with tobacco addiction, there is support available. Call 800-QUIT-NOW to receive immediate help to quit smoking for good.