Man arrested after making non-emergency 911 calls

A Morgantown man was arrested Saturday after allegedly making multiple non-emergency calls to the Monongalia County Emergency Management Agency (MECCA 911) despite being told to not do so in the past. 

Morgantown Police were dispatched by MECCA Saturday evening to speak to a caller identified as Ralph David Miller, 56, of Morgantown. 

According to the criminal complaint, “Miller advised that he had just bought drugs from someone for 7 dollars.” 

The complaint noted this was the fifth time — that officers were aware of — that Miller had called the 911 emergency line with a non-emergency call in just a few hours. 

This is not the first time Miller has made non-emergency 911 calls to MECCA and is said to have been informed multiple times in the past to not call 911 unless he has an emergency to report. He was arrested last month for anonymous, harassing and threatening communications by computer, cell phones and electronic communications devices. Those charges are still pending in Monongalia County Magistrate Court. 

According to the complaint, when officers arrived at the Sheetz gas station on University Avenue — where Miller said he was located — he was no longer there. 

Miller then allegedly called 911 again to tell officers where he was — he was eventually found under the South High Street bridge. 

When officers found Miller, he was still on the phone with 911 and had to be told repeatedly to hang up. 

Two open alcohol containers on Miller’s bicycle and a table beside him were also seen by officers — the open alcohol was eventually thrown away. 

In his report of the incident, Patrolman A. Bittner stated that while he was instructing Miller on the misuse of the 911 emergency line, Miller continuously interrupted with slurred speech. 

Bittner also noted a strong smell of alcohol coming from Miller and saw his eyes were bloodshot and red. 

“Miller then began to speak to me about some drugs he had bought under the South University bridge,” Bittner stated. 

When asked where the drugs were, Miller allegedly said, “Over there.” 

At that time, officers informed Miller of his Miranda rights. Miller then stated he did not wish to answer any questions — no further questions were asked about the drugs he supposedly bought. 

Officers placed Miller under arrest for public intoxication as well as harassing communications by cell phone as police witnessed him while on one of the many phone calls he had placed to 911 that day. 

While gathering personal items he wanted to take with him to the police station, Bittner said Miller pointed out a crumbled sticky note and stated the drugs he bought were inside. 

Inside the sticky note, Bittner found what he believed to be crystal meth. Possession was then added to the list of charges against Bittner. 

Miller is currently in custody and being held at North Central Regional Jail on a $2,100 cash bond.