Justice wins 51 counties in GOP U.S. Senate primary, Mooney takes 4; Democrat race more evenly divided, with Glenn Elliott coming out on top

MORGANTOWN – Gov. Jim Justice took 51 of 55 counties in his landslide U.S. Senate primary race on Tuesday. The Democrat race was more evenly divided, with Glenn Elliott of Wheeling largely prevailing in the north and Zachary Shrewsbury of Princeton capturing much of the south.

In the U.S. House 2nd District GOP race, Treasurer Riley Moore won 24 of 27 counties. Only one Democrat was in the running.


Justice received 137,605 votes (61.85%) with Rep. Alex Mooney a distant second at 59,083 votes (26.55%). The remaining five Republicans took less than 4% each.

Mooney, of Charles Town, prevailed in his home turf – the Eastern Panhandle. He did best in his home county, Jefferson, with 3,440 votes (60.51%) to Justice’s 1,786 votes (31.42%).

The race was closer in Berkeley (Mooney 46.63%, Justice 36.33%), Morgan (Mooney 43.39%, Justice 42.19%, a 36-vote difference) and Hampshire (Mooney 49.01%, Justice 38.37%).

Justice scored well in his home county of Greenbrier, with 2,980 votes (63.02%) to Mooney’s 1,256 (26.56%).

Locally, Justice won Monongalia with 5,184 votes (62%) to Mooney’s 2,233 (26.71%). In Preston it was Justice, 3066 (54.15%) and Mooney 1,935 (34.18%). And in Marion it was Justice 4,014 (63.38%) and Mooney 1,607 (25.38%).

For the Democrats, Elliott took top spot with 45,955 votes (45.45%), followed by Shrewsbury with 36,535 (31.13%) and recently turned Democrat Don Blankenship with 18,628 (18.42%). Their combined votes fell 36,487 shy of Justice’s total.

Blankenship won three counties: Mingo, with 57.48%; Logan, with 42.36%; and Gilmer, with 36%.He was CEO of Massey Energy during the Upper Big Branch Mine explosion in Raleigh County; there he tallied only 14.46%.

Elliott won 34 counties, including all of the Northern Panhandle and most of the Eastern. Shrewsbury won 18 counties including Morgan and Jefferson.

Locally, Elliott won Monongalia with 50.96%, to Shrewsbury’s 35.83% and Blankenship’s 13.2%. In Preston, it was Elliott, 49,21%; Shrewsbury, 30.23%; and Blankenship, 20.57%. In Marion, it was Elliott, 62.34%; Shrewsbury, 22.69%; and Blankenship, 14.97%.


Moore topped four other Republicans with 46,839 votes (45.04%). Joe Early, of Bridgeport, came in a distant second at 21,074 (20.27%).

Early won three counties: his home county of Harrison, with 50.43% to Moore’s 36.69%; Taylor, with 48.6% to Moore’s 35.23%; and Doddridge, with 38.05% to Moore’s 37.91% (a two-vote difference, 543 to 541).

Locally, Moore tallied 44.29% in Monongalia, 36.72% in Preston and 42.72% in Marion.

Democrat Steven Wendelin received 39,644 votes across the entire district.

These are unofficial figures from the secretary of state’s office and await canvassing.

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