Groups meet to hear presentation by former member of Parliament

On Thursday, the Ukrainian Mountaineers Association and Ukrainian community in Morgantown hosted an event in collaboration with Vovk Foundation to discuss “The Future Political Landscape in Ukraine” by Oleh Medunytsya.

Attendees met at the West Virginia University Mountainlair to share pizza and refreshments before hearing a presentation by Medunytsya, a president of the Anti-imperial Block of Nations (ABN) and a leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN).

Khrystyna Pelchar, a WVU Ph.D. student in political science and president of the Ukrainian student organization said the event “sparked the discussion on the importance of Ukraine’s victory for the liberation of people not only in Ukraine but in other nations.”

As a former member of the Ukrainian Parliament and deputy commander during the EuroMaidan/Revolution of Dignity protests, Medunytsya established the Bureau of Policy Analysis (BPA), an anti-corruption NGO endorsed by prestigious institutions. His leadership reflects a commitment to Ukraine’s progress, integrity and sovereignty.

The Vovk Foundation Inc. was founded in 2023 and is a registered 501c(3) nonprofit corporation with full tax-exempt status. Headquartered in Morgantown, it also maintains offices in Pittsburgh and New York. The foundation’s work centers around five verticals in support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people: education, entrepreneurship, innovation, economic rebuild and truth telling.

The Organization for the Defense of Four Freedoms of Ukraine Inc. was founded in 1946, ODFFU is a national organization dedicated to supporting the Ukrainian community in the United States.

“The Vovk Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to bring Mr. Medunytsya to campus,” Yurij Wowchuk, co-founder of the Morgantown-based Civil-Military Innovation Institute (CMI2) and the Vovk Foundation, said. “I would like to thank the Ukrainian community of WVU and Morgantown for such a warm welcome.”