Firefighters extinguish blaze at Brockway Avenue home

A fire at a home on Brockway Avenue in Morgantown Wednesday morning claimed the life of a family pet and detoured traffic for several hours as Morgantown firefighters fought the flames. 

According to Morgantown Fire Department Interim Chief John Lemley, when firefighters arrived on the scene of the 545 Brockway Ave. home, a structure fire was actively burning from the basement to the attic of the residence.  

The occupants of the home had already evacuated from the structure on their own, Lemley said, but a dog was reported missing.  

Firefighters were able to find the pet inside the house and quickly moved the dog outside where they began to administer pet CPR, sadly to no avail.  

The dog was the only fatality involved with the incident. No injuries to the home’s residents or fire personnel were reported. 

It is unclear at this time what caused the fire, but firefighters said it appeared to have started in the basement. Fire marshals were on scene to investigate the source.