Extend outside playtime with fun, easy game

Now that it is summer, I let my kiddos stay up a little later than normal since they don’t have to wake up early for school. It makes me think of how I would spend my summer nights when I was little. I used to love going outside and playing flashlight tag with my cousins and seeing how many fireflies we could catch. 

I found a super fun activity to do with the kids in the backyard once the sun goes down, called glow in the dark bowling. Now, technically you could do this inside your house as well and just turn off all the lights, but I thought my kids would have fun doing it outside. 

You need 10 empty water bottles, 10-20 glow sticks and a ball. What you’re going to do is fill each water bottle three-quarters of the way with water and then stick one or two glow sticks in the bottle, depending on how bright you’d like it to be. Because I want the kids to play outside with this, I thought two in each bottle would be best, to make sure it is extra bright.  The water helps give the bottle weight so they stand up and don’t blow over.   

A tip to keep in mind is to remove the wrappers from the water bottles so the glow sticks can be seen. 

If you want to make the ball glow as well, you can pick up some glow-in-the-dark spray paint — I don’t think that’s necessary if you don’t want to hassle with it. Then, all you do is set up the water bottles like bowling pins and have the kids start rolling the ball. It’s that simple.  

It meshes bowling, playing outside, putting together a craft and getting glow sticks  into one fun activity.  I know my kids will go crazy over this one. So stop at your local dollar store, pick up some glow sticks and have an awesome and easy summer night activity with your family. 

Ann Burns is a Morgantown native, raising two young children with her husband, Drake. She writes weekly columns for The Dominion Post. Contact her at [email protected]